March 21, 2013

People who received emails with virus

I hope people that received emails with a virus attached have not had problems.  In the last 36 hours, I have had many returned emails because people had changed their emails so I know they did not receive them.  Three people have asked if I sent them - which i did not. 

The culprits hijacked three of my email accounts and sent out a lot of emails as if they were from me.  Shame on them.  I have changed my passwords on two of my email accounts that I was able to able to recover, but of course I can't recover the emails sent in my name.

One of the viruses was a keylogger so be careful here, the other that I have been able to determine is a rather nasty trojan virus.

Be sure that you have stopped the email and run your virus checker to remove them.

Thank you,


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