February 9, 2013

This Is Inflammatory Junk Science

I must tip my hat to Dr. Bill Quick for his blog earlier today on Health Central. Please read his blog. I had thought something was wrong with this study, but I am still waiting for a reply from Prof Craig Currie of Cardiff University School of Medicine. Whether I receive a copy of the study now makes no difference, and Dr, Quick confirms what I had thought about the study.

Angry – yes, but I cannot be as polite as Dr. Quick. To me this study is just what the title says. For this to be reported by one of the top Universities in the United Kingdom is not saying much about the medical school.

Two other press releases can be read here and here, but Dr. Quick sums up the faults of the study very succinctly. Therefore I ask you to read his blog and I'll be quiet. The last link in the first sentence of this short paragraph is also a link in Dr. Quick's blog.

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