February 19, 2013

AACE/Takeda Webpage Taken Down

Like I had someone say to me, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists only cares about the image they can project and not what they can actually do for the patients or their own members. I thought this was a little harsh, but after what they have done with a page setup to promote reliable diabetes sources, only post 15 websites, and then pull it after a year, I can believe that. The image seems all important and if the image takes a hit, then pull the page.

However, bring in The American College of Endocrinology (ACE) to do the upkeep of the site, and it seems to last longer. Two such examples are this group of pages and these pages. How long these will stay in place remains to be seen. To be honest, I had not expected these to be there as there are no links to either from the AACE home page.

It is not surprising that some pages are dropped so rapidly by professional organizations, but the page that the AACE dropped could have been useful to endocrinologists and other physicians for materials to be used in handouts. This shows that it was basically lip service and the experts were not interested in approving more sites that could have been helpful to professionals and patients.

Even I had not anticipated the page being dropped so rapidly. Therefore, with the help of my readers, I would like to start collecting reliable diabetes sites for a blog listing. Then at least once a year, update that blog with new listings and republish. We need to start with the ADA (American Diabetes Association) even though many do not follow ADA, but we need to be aware of the guidelines they issue and other pages that may be of value.

At present, I am thinking a listing of sites that are good for all types of diabetes, a list that are good for type 1 diabetes, a list that are good for type 2 diabetes, and maybe a list for the other official types of diabetes as defined by the ADA. 

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