November 3, 2012

Interesting Ploys to Make Spam Comments

I have to write this. I disabled captcha so that people would be able to post that were having trouble with this. It has spawned many computer-generated comments, which fortunately the spam or delete key takes care of. First, if the comment is from “anonymous”, that is the first strike against letting the comment to be posted. Second, if they are foolish enough to think I am allowing advertising of other products or even diabetes products, I will state, at present I am not even allowing Google to place ads on my blog. If you think I will allow you – no way.

I do allow myself to write about products when I feel there is a need to make people aware of them, but that is as far as I will take it. I have a couple of anonymous posters that do not use English and I will not allow this especially after putting a few through a translator. For the few that think they are going to get their pron sites listed – forget it. I will continue to leave moderation in operation, which will prevent these comments from being posted, and I do check them. I almost let one through, but after checking a link in their blog that looked innocent enough, my anti-virus program stopped access for the link – you guessed it – I clicked on the spam key and deleted the email notification. I will not knowingly allow links to viruses,

Several of my email followers have thanked me for removing the captcha, but as of yet they have not posted to my blogs. One did ask if I would even allow him to post as “anonymous” because he will not create an account on Google. I told him yes as long as he does not try to promote his product and asks questions or makes comments like those that he does in his emails.

There are a few that have programs that post comments to blogs that don't have the captcha activated and I understand their need to flood the blogosphere with their drivel. However, with moderation activated, the delete key is very handy.

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