January 13, 2012

Are We Going to Allow A Sugar Tax?

I have to end the week with this. This study is about imposing a “Sugar Tax” on our sugar-sweetened beverages. This is proposed on the basis that it will cut into our current obesity epidemic. The proposal is for a one cent per ounce tax. Buy a 20-ounce bottle of your favorite sweetened beverage and pay a tax of $0.20.

Does this seem steep? Not enough to stop sales is what I think. But, let them pass this, and the tax will continue upward until is could be much more expensive. These people will never stop in their crusade.

What is humorous is their estimates. They don't have accurate data, so we are seeing guesstimates. They say this and the claim that, but I don't believe their guesstimates. All that will happen will be more income generated for bloated government.

Read this doctor's blog and notice his humor. Please read article he refers to and then read this press release. Yes, this needs to be rejected, but will it.

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