July 29, 2011

Six Ways to Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes – P5

Error 5 - Misunderstanding and Misusing Medications

Managing diabetes is very dependent on how well you manage your medications. Do not fall into the trap that many do and just assume because you are feeling good that you may stop your medications. This is one of the mistakes that can really do damage to your body by letting diabetes manage your body.

Warning – unless you are able to manage your diabetes with nutrition (diet) and exercise and the doctor agrees that you are, learn to take you medications when instructed to take them.

Many people fall into this problem while in denial and stop taking their diabetes medication. Diabetes will love you for this. This means that it can do unlimited damage to your body. Retinopathy will develop, neuropathy will accelerate, wounds in your lower legs and feet will not heal properly and amputations are possible. Nephropathy will start to accelerate doing damage to the kidneys and hearing problems can become worse as small blood vessels are damaged in the inner ear.

If this doesn't give you cause for concern, it should. That is why medications are so important to the management of diabetes and the better the management, the less likely you will have problems with the complications of diabetes.

One of the largest problems is people forgetting to take doses. This is a problem that can do considerable damage to your management of diabetes. This should always be a discussion item every time you meet with your doctor. Another item that should be discussed is insulin.

Forget about the insulin myths, your health is more important and insulin can be used very successfully with excellent management outcomes. This should always be considered as a medication and not the medication of last resort. Too many doctors do not understand insulin and know very little about using it. Therefore, if you are having problems with diabetes management, consider insulin and possibly getting an appointment with an endocrinologist specializing in diabetes.

In all meetings with your doctor, discuss problems that you are having so that the doctor can help devise the best treatment plan for you and one that fits your needs to make your management more effective. Yes, I am saying you need to communicate with the doctor to get the best treatment plan. This is why having a doctor that you feel comfortable in talking to about diabetes is very important. If you are not comfortable and confident about your doctor, you may not receive the best treatment plan.

This is one reason many people change doctors several times to find a doctor that will work with them and they feel comfortable about. Diabetes is that important and your health is worth it.

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