July 30, 2009


I have heard all the arguments before and I don't want another blog to read. A friend with diabetes made this statement to me when I told him I launching this site.

When I asked him what he did read, I knew that he did little or no reading about diabetes, so his lack of an answer did not surprise me. He is too busy traveling to garage and yard sales looking for items he can buy cheaply and resell for more money. This occupies his days and earns him a little income after expenses.

I also know that he is going from one doctor to another doctor when he hears something he does not agree with, or is told something he does not want to hear. As a result he spends about two months each year in the hospital for diabetes or other medical problems.

This is not the way I want to live. I like being retired and enjoying the time I have available for my family and a few close friends still living.

So why am I doing this? Because I enjoy researching about diabetes and the challenge of reviving some writing skills. My goal is to help people with type 2 diabetes. This means helping them meet the challenge of diabetes and succeed in keeping it under control, living a full life, and not feel that diabetes has robbed them of celebrating life. Yes, helping many people would be great, but I will settle for one at a time right now.

In a world filled with misinformation and ignorance about diabetes, if I can enlighten a few people, then I will have accomplished what I set out to do. Hey, who knows, maybe, just maybe I will be able to educate many people.

When another friend with diabetes asked why, with all the good writers doing this, why would I do this? I know he reads a lot and is very knowledgeable. I told him that challenges motivate me and I am not worried about displacing another writer. We need each other to spread the word. Each writer has his or her own style of presenting information, and each reader may not like a particular style. If they cannot find something they enjoy reading, then diabetes may have won the battle.

Therefore, with that in mind, I am starting this blog for people with type 2 diabetes.

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